Workstation Recovery

 Workstation recovery is the ability of recuperating all data from any workstation over the network regardless of the kind of its operating system.

BOS can handle Workstations' recuperation in several different ways:


•    Backup of Workstations to a Backup Server or a Department's Storage.


BOS can access any resource over the LAN or WAN using standard access rights, and backup its information, restoring it to the BOS special Recuperation area.


When using this method, BOS does not need the installation of agents or clients in the remote data sources, and can protect practically any kind of resource, and any operating system.

In combined environments, where different needs for different applications coexist, it is essential to be able to backup every niche according to its needs. For instance: the programmer's workstations every 15 minutes, the accounting department's workstations every 60 minutes, and sales department's workstations every 20 minutes.

BOS was designed and built with these needs in mind.

In order to allow end users to self recover his/her own data, BOS uses the method of WEB interface. This function relieves the constant pressure put on the Backup Manager by users
demanding restoration jobs, and gives every end user control over his files' backup - without the need of possessing technical know how.

When installing BOS on a Departmental or Work group's Server, the Network manager can govern and control a number of such systems by using a Central Administration System, the BOS Enterprise Manager


•    Local Backup


The BOS system can be installed on Workstations in order to perform local scheduled backup of the critical data, to a backup directory on the same computer, internal or external (removable) hard drive or flash memory drive, according to specific needs.

In cases in which it is not possible to connect a workstation to the network, and there is a need of continuous work, it is possible to connect it to the BOS workstation Peer-to-Peer